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OLDAM soft embossing baby wipes 70sheets

OLDAM soft embossing baby wipes 70sheets

1. Purified water
We only use purified water that removes 99% of microorganisms and foreign substances by our precise water purification system. 
2. Free from dust and lint
Even after products are used, they don’t get dust and lint. 
3. Convenient One-Touch cap
We can easily take wipes out by using a one-touch cap.
It is opened when you push the button.
4. Moist embossed fabric
Our soft fabrics don't irritate skin.
5. Nature extracts from the clean area, Jeju island
Jeju Island is designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.
Premium Embossing Baby Wipes OLDAM contains a Phytoncide extracts of Jeju Island.
It makes skin soothe and moist.
6. Safe ingredients
We only use ingredients approved by the Korea Food &Drug Administration.
And our products have an Excellent level of Dermatest that proves our products don't lead to toxic reactions.

  • - Name : OLDAM soft embossing baby wipes 70sheets
    - Product No. : OLDAM2
    - Certification : FDA, Derma, Vegan
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Baby wipes
    - Capacity : 70sheets
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 200*170mm
    - Weight : 357g
    - Mode of transport : Room temperature
    - Storage method : Room temperature
    - Expiration date : 1 year
    - Color : pale pink
    - OEM Availability : Y

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