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OLDAM monstera baby wipes 70sheets

OLDAM monstera baby wipes 70sheets

1. Purified water The water purified with our precise purification system removes 99% of microorganisms and foreign substances.

2. Free from dust and lint Wet Wipes don’t get dusty or linty after its used.

3. Inter-folder method You can easily take wipes out one by one by using this method.

4. Embossed fabric The embossed fabrics reduce skin irritation. It is safe for a sensitive skin.

5. Nature extracts from the clean area, Jeju island Jeju Island is designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Baby Wipes OLDAM coontains a Phytoncide extracts of Jeju Island. It makes skin soothing and moisturizing.

6. Safe ingredients MIT & Paraben-Free. We only use ingredients approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. And our products have an Excellent level of Dermatest passed on the level "Excellent" that proves its safety. Our products don't lead to toxic reactions.

  • - Name : OLDAM monstera baby wipes 70sheets
    - Product No. : OLDAM1
    - Certification : FDA, Derma, Vegan
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Baby wipes
    - Capacity : 70sheets
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 200*150mm
    - Weight : 300g
    - Mode of transport : Room temperature
    - Storage method : Room temperature
    - Expiration date : 1 year
    - Color : white + green + magenta
    - OEM Availability : Y 

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