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OLDAM Feminine cleansing wipes

OLDAM Feminine cleansing wipes

1. Flushability
Use OLDAM BIDET after, wiping with a toilet paper, then throw into the toilet.
The fabric of OLDAM BIDET is made of natural pulp and is biodegradable.
When the toilet is flushed, it is decomposed well by the water pressure.
◆ Caution: it is recommended to use no more than 1 or 2 sheets at the same time because it might clog the toilet if you throw away a large amount.

2. Natural extracts 
Ingredients used in Wet wipes, were used without alcohol, phenoxyethanol, or MIT.
This product contains extracts that have the following effects.
∙ Chamomile Extracts: natural anti-aging ingredient that helps protect skin cells. It helps moisturize and soothe the skin. 
∙ Chrysanthemum Extracts: . It helps moisturize and soothe the skin, which also has an antibacterial effect
∙ Damask rose Extracts: The core ingredient of rose, 'Citronel acetate', has been proven to energize the skin. It also releases and purifies skin wastes.
∙ Eucalyptus oil: It has a sterilization effect, which helps relieve mild cystitis.

3. Purified water
The water purified with our precise purification system, removes 99% of microorganisms and foreign substances.

4. Package
Packed individually, so it's good for portable use and hygienic.

5. Free from dust and lint
Wet Wipes don’t get dusty or linty after its used.

6. Natural pulp
Premium fabrics made of natural pulp minimizes skin irritation.

7. Water-soluble fabric
Water-soluble fabrics are biodegradable and decomposed in the water.

8. Safety tests
Flushable Wipes are produced based on the 'cosmetics safety standards' of the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and it is continually tested.
Wet Wipes OLDAM has been verified the safety of 'No harmful ingredients detected' in a test to verify the presence of chemicals and microbes by Korea Testing and Research.

  • - Name : OLDAM Feminine cleansing wipes
    - Product No. : OLDAM8
    - Certification : FDA, Vegan, EDANA/INDA Flushability TEST
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Toilet wipes
    - Capacity : 25sheets
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 170*170mm
    - Weight : 129g
    - Mode of transport : Room temperature
    - Storage method : Room temperature
    - Expiration date : 2 years
    - Color : Turquoise + white
    - OEM Availability : Y 

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