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Import and supply of optimal performance equipment

Professional importer, supplier company of performance lighting, special lighting, performance equipment, and stage equipment.


UPTRADE direct import supply items

performance lighting

LED Moving Head, LED Spot, LED Wash, LED Zoom, LED Par, Console, Controller, Effect Light, Stage Lights etc

special lighting

Laser, kinetic light, LED structure name, device lighting, mirror ball, etc.

​stage set

Truss, stage floor, dance floor, truss motor, LED wall etc

festival supplies

Character sculptures, characters, etc., Yudeung, etc

Solving poor income

We give you the advantages of UPTRADE.

  • Direct connection and supply to the brand manufacturer desired by the customer

  • Supply of products tailored to the price, performance, and function that customers want

  • Providing purchasing consulting tailored to the customer's use

  • Customers - Pursuing UPTRADE win-win deals

business domain

컨테이너 선박
  • We supply performance equipment, festival supplies, and event equipment with optimal performance and price.

  • If the customer needs it, we discover and supply products tailored to the customer's needs.

  • We pursue a distribution structure at a reasonable price through direct transactions with manufacturers.

​Equipment specialized import and distribution

건설 노동자
  • ​We provide on-site customized installation and construction such as stage equipment, performance lighting equipment, dance floor, and special lighting.

  • It is custom designed according to the installation space such as concert halls, clubs, training centers, churches, and large facilities.

  • Before installation, a professional consults on the composition of the product for optimal performance and effect

Equipment installation and construction

  • We install and provide sound, lighting, stage equipment, and special lighting for concert halls.

  • Event equipment is operated by a professional operator suitable for the nature of the event.

  • The stage is designed with the best concept for concerts, events, festivals, broadcasts, and competitions.

stage setup

  • The customer rents the necessary equipment.

  • If you need installation, we will install & rent.

  • Concerts, events, festivals, broadcasts, competitions, etc. sound, lighting, stage, special lighting, etc. suitable for the personality

Equipment rental