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Red Chili Paste Poguri

Red Chili Paste Poguri

It can be easily consumed through simple cooking such as hiking, fishing, and travel.
There is a risk of damage to the container of cup noodles, etc., but the puffy noodles are easy to carry without fear of damage.
Can be consumed at any time by pouring water & microwave cooking
In addition to Ramen, Nurungji is included, so it can be served as a hearty meal.

  • - Name : Red Chili Paste Poguri
    - Product No. : LUCKCOMEFUNNY3
    - Certification : FDA
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Easy-to-cook food
    - Capacity : 90g
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 19*17*8cm
    - Weight : 90g
    - Mode of transport : Room temperature
    - Storage method : Room temperature
    - Expiration date : 1 year
    - Color : Beige blend
    - OEM Availability : Y

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