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Nainfour KF94 Protective mask(Black)

Nainfour KF94 Protective mask(Black)

This is a standard fit mask with two folds, which is preferred by Westerners. It uses thick, high-quality fabric to maintain its shape even when worn for a long time. The mask does not move or flap when speaking or breathing.  Because the mask adheres to the nose and face, the glasses do not fog up, the mask does not move or slip when speaking, and the space inside the mask is secured so that the lipstick does not come off. . 

  • - Name : Nainfour KF94 Protective mask(Black)
    - Product No. : NFLB
    - Certification : KF94
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Quarantine mask
    - Capacity : 5.1g
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 12.9*20*0.3cm
    - Weight : 9g
    - Mode of transport : Room temperature
    - Storage method : Room temperature
    - Expiration date : 3 years
    - Color : Black
    - OEM Availability : Y 

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