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As a quasi-drug certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea, it is a product made by collecting clear and clean air from a restricted area where the public access of Mt. Jiris is controlled.

In the case of oxygen cans, which are similar products, there is a risk of headache and dizziness when used excessively due to the artificial high-concentration oxygen of the electrolysis method (oxygen poisoning, etc.)

Air cans are natural clean air containing phyton values and negative ions, so there are no concerns about side effects.

  • - Name : JIRIAIR
    - Product No. : JIRIAIR1
    - Certification : 
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : Portable air can
    - Capacity : 560ml
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 50*35*35cm
    - Weight : 0.14kg
    - Color : White + Blue mixed
    - OEM Availability : Y

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