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Dried Kelp, Roasted again by red clay kiln

Dried Kelp, Roasted again by red clay kiln

- It is a premium dried fish that adds the efficacy of red clay by baking ingredients from the clean seas of Korea once again in a patented red clay kiln (Korean only one patent).
- With the only patented device in Korea, 99% of harmful bacteria are eliminated after roasting in a loess kiln, and E. coli is also not detected.
- By using a tunnel-type conveyor belt, it is baked without damaging the raw material, reducing the peculiar smell and fishy taste.
- Through the roasting process using loess, the original taste is revived to create a deep flavor.
- The shelf life and shelf life of the product have been extended by drying the product again using the drying device at the top.
- The high quality is maintained by removing foreign substances before roasting and selecting only good raw materials that retain their shape.

  • - Name : Dried Kelp, Roasted again by red clay kiln
    - Product No. : 444185
    - Certification : HACCP applied patent process (selection work)
    - Origin : Korea
    - Use : 
    - Capacity : 80g
    - Size(L*W*H, D*H) : 
    - Weight : 
    - Color : 
    - OEM Availability : 

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