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Are you looking for Korean Goods?

"Here, we introduce B2B website : Buying Korea"

Korea, more specifically, South Korea recorded the 7th export volume of world trade in 2020. Korea is now very popular country in the world ever before. Many Korean are really proud of themselves as they are doing their best to satisfy all the people who are using, eating, enjoying and consuming Korean goods all around world.

BTS, K-POP, Samsung smart phone, Hyundai Motors, Semiconductors, Home Appliances, High Technology of Electronics, shipbuilding, Foods, Dramas, Movies, it is words that can represent Korea.

However, that’s not all to show Korea. A history of Korea has been around 5,000years. Korean has 4 very certain characteristic : pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy.😄😤😢😎 The characteristics are affecting every parts of their life and culture. It has remained intact and has been melted in every industry areas

Even now, many Korean company and enterprise are creating valuable things and goods that are ready to come to people of world.

Buying Korea is helping the more people can find reliable and quality goods of Korea and proper products that they are looking for in Korea.

"Come and visit the website, just leave inquiries which you are interested in on the website."

What Buying Korea does?

  1. Introduce Korean goods.

  2. Only “Made in Korea” Goods can registered in Buying Korea B2B website.

  3. Connect between world buyers and Korean manufacturers.

  4. Support small sized Korean manufacturers to sell their goods to the world.

  5. Promote sales of Korean goods on behalf of Korean manufacturers.

  6. Make a business partnership between world buyers and Korean manufacturers.

  7. Support safe deals between world buyers and Korean manufacturers.

  8. Support sophisticated communication what buyer needs and wants.

  9. Support negotiation on behalf of buyers.

  10. Only “Made in Korea” Goods can registered in Buying Korea B2B website.

Buying Korea supports from sample to bulk order with experts in trading, logistics, contract, currier service, incoterms and concentrate on any small detailed things for satisfying buyers’ requirements.

Process to work with Buying Korea

  1. Visit website.

  2. Look for goods that matches your business.

  3. Contact us or leave inquiries what you want to know.

  4. Detailed information of goods is provided.

  5. Sample order and check quality & details in person.

  6. Negotiate price, specification, terms & condition of contract.

  7. Contract for mass order.

  8. Order and payment.

  9. Production and shipping.

  10. Arrival and deal is completed.

Buying Korea welcomes any inquiries about Korea goods from Buying Korea website and good business proposals.

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