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KC Certification
KC certification (safety certification) agency service

Uptrade provides KC certification agency service through an accredited professional testing institute.

KC Certification

Learn about KC certification!

What is KC certification (safety certification)?  For electrical appliances, household items, and children's products
This is a system that certifies the stability of products and production facilities.

Electrical appliances imported for the purpose of domestic sales are classified according to the “risk” level of the product category subject to safety management.

Electromagnetic compatibility testandelectrical safety test, after these two testsOnly products that have passed can be


<What are household items subject to safety standards?>

Products subject to safety management have been managed in three stages according to the degree of risk.

Safety certification target (electrical appliances, household items)
Safety confirmation target (electrical appliances, household items) 
Subjects for supplier conformity confirmation (electrical appliances, household items)

From July 1, 2018, products with relatively low risk among household items have been collected and'Safety standard compliance target household goods'classified as
Household products subject to safety standards complianceAs long as it meets the safety standards, it can be imported and sold without product testing for safety verification.

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KC certification acquisition procedure

KC certification is according to the classification belowCertification Acquisition Procedureis different.


Safety Certification Target

Safety confirmation subject

Supplier conformity confirmation subject

It will go through electrical safety confirmation and electromagnetic compatibility tests,
If the suitability is determined, the following
Conformity registration certificateis granted.


Request procedure

Uptrade is accreditedprofessional testing agencythrough
Provides KC certification agency service. 


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Quotation and Invoice Issuance

Complementary or ​Test completed


Certificate issued 
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