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Cosmetic inspection agency
Test analysis agency service for hazardous substances, etc.

Uptrade provides testing and analysis agency services for harmful substances in cosmetics and raw materials through a contract with a testing agency designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

We help in the distribution of safe cosmetics that comply with the safety management standards for distributed cosmetics.

Cosmetic inspection agent

Find out about cosmetics inspection agency!

미용 제품

UPTRADE has been designated as a cosmetic testing and inspection agency by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and provides testing and analysis services for harmful substances in cosmetic products and raw materials.

Physicochemical/microbiological analysis is available for functional cosmetics and various cosmetic raw materials as well as distribution cosmetics safety management standard items announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. We also provide assistance with test analysis necessary for cosmetic quality control and research and development.

 check target

  • Cosmetics in distribution (Domestic manufacturing and imported cosmetics)

  • functional cosmetics
    - Whitening, wrinkles, sun protection, complex functional cosmetics, etc.
    - Identification/content test, preservative analysis for additive-free advertising/marking, etc.

  • cosmetic raw materials

 Main test items

  • Distribution Cosmetics Safety Management Standards

  • Functional cosmetics (example)

  • Additional test analysis service for cosmetics
    - Test and analysis of 43 steroids (Guidelines for analysis of prohibited ingredients in cosmetics)
    - Test analysis of 26 fragrance-related allergens (DIRECTIVE 2003/15/EC Annex III, Part I List)
    - Cosmetic preservative test (Challenge test)
    - Ingredient analysis for expression of additive-free advertisement (paraben, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, etc.)
    - Analysis of residual solvents such as benzene, toluene, and xylene

  • cosmetic container inspection
    - Heavy metals: lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony, cadmium, nickel, hexavalent chromium and others
    - Hazardous Substances: Phthalates (DBP, BBP, DEHP), etc.

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