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Cosmetics import agency
Overseas cosmetics import A to Z!

Uptrade provides the best consulting and professional import agency services for customers to smoothly import cosmetics from overseas.

For the import and distribution of cosmetics, professional knowledge on cosmetics and the agency of the standards of the Cosmetics Act (including related enforcement regulations below) are very important. 

Issuance of standard customs clearance report / Cosmetics import estimate agency / Estimate Nego / Overseas payment response / Cosmetics quality inspection / Logistics customs clearance, etc.

Overseas cosmetics import

Learn about importing cosmetics from overseas!

Receipt of Standard Customs Clearance Expected Report

✔️ The key to customs clearance for importing cosmetics Issuance of standard customs clearance report
✔️distribution availabilityexamine
✔️raw material listreport
✔️Issuance requirementsrequired documentsCorrespondence (manufacturing certificate, sales certificate, BSE, etc.)

Types of products available for cosmetics import agency

Before making an import decision, be sure to check with Uptrade the possibility of distribution and import requirements under the Cosmetics Act.

Cosmetics Import Consulting

Selection of products that can be imported and distributed and compliance with relevant laws and regulationsis the beginning of successful business and cost reduction.

Regardless of the size, Uptrade can help you achieve the right process establishment right from the start.

Domestic distribution possibility review

✔️Review import/distribution feasibility before import decision
✔️Review of regulations on cosmetics safety standards, etc.
✔️Review of fatal defects such as misidentification of quasi-drugs

with Uptrade = Easy Cosmetics Income
with Uptrade = Maximize Profit

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